Monday, April 18, 2011

Kick N' Push with Enjoi

For all the people who love Skateboarding, here's the company you should study if you're weird,a little on the abnormal side, insane or all of the above (like me). Enjoi Skateboarding Company. The designs are so cool and the strength and feel of the board is excellent.
Here is the deck I have.

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[My sister's camera isn't working right now]

And the Enjoi Skate Team are just absolutely sick (slang version; meaning good).

Here is the Enjoi Company site: Enjoi
[This site may not be suitable for children and people who fear abnormality]

I would love to be half as good as these guys... Well I hope you consider buying their stuff or watching their skate videos. (I suggest Bag of Suck)



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